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Our philosophy has been to stay true to the spirit with new era of hospitality and providing high-quality services.

The Savanna Empire Hotel And Resort is 4 stars Hotel category with 30 chalet 70 Rooms and suits all of them facing the Sea with a unique front view, The Hotel And Resort is constructed directly on the beach level.
The Hotel And Resort has various types of restaurants, and entertainment facilities that satisfies all needs, such as Gym, Health Clubs, Heated Swimming Pools, Clinic, Shopping Center, Coffee Shops, Sporting Yards, Diving Center, Water Snorkeling, water skiing, Fishing, Conference Rooms, night Clubs …….. and more. The Savanna Empire Hotel And Resort managed by an International,
Specialized Management Company to secure the best service quality to the guests.

At Savanna Empire, our goal is to make every stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Whether you are visiting New York City for the first time or are a regular business traveler to the area, you’ll find that our New York boutique hotel’s amenities provide everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay.